© 2019 By Oriane Rondeau 

Monsters at sea

Research - Content - Illustration - Layout

Laser printing on pearlescent and semi glossy paper // 214 pages

Photos by Jelle Heuver

This book tells the story of how men created monsters in the sea,

Taking control over their own fears and creating a fantasy,

But soon the murky waters were a mirror,

Reflecting men's darkest behaviour.

Men created the monster shark,

And in an absurd fight left the sea in the dark.

Obsessed with sea creatures,

They would sea sexy features.

Slimy pink flesh and suckers,

They were tentacle monsters.

Who was the monster now ?

A creature in the sea somehow, 

Wasn't as scary as the men 

That would invent such violence over and over again.

© Design Academy Eindhoven 2018