© 2019 By Oriane Rondeau 

Homo Aquaticus

Writing - directing - editing

Acting - Manuel Pellegrini

Voice acting - James Izzo

Make up & Hair - Angéline Behr - Léa Jenny

Costume/set design - Jelle Heuver - Manuel Pellegrini - Oriane Rondeau

Filming assistants - Angéline Behr - Jelle Heuver

Sound mixing - Rutger Schimmel - Oriane Rondeau

Film - mixed technique - 3'12'' 

Homo Aquaticus was a term invented by Jacques Cousteau in the 1960s who believed men would evolve into an underwater specie in the future due to climate change. 
The film follows the story of men who make the choice of becoming an underwater specie and reflects on the absurdity of men's behaviour when it comes to facing the problems they created.

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